Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 1

On February 27, R&B singer Miguel released the first volume of his new project, Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 1. The three-song, three part series (entirely written and produced by Miguel) is based an eclectic sound Miguel has been able to capture through painting.

“Trying to break us down

Don’t let that affect us”

– Miguel (“Adorn“)

Adorn, the EPs first single, and the name of the painting featured in the cover art, sets the tone for the project. With a driving bass line guiding the song, Miguel compliments the woman he loves and provides her with reassurance of their everlasting relationship.

 “Yeah, these lips…

Can’t wait to taste your skin baby

No, no

And these eyes, yeah

Can’t wait to see your grin…”

The second song, That I Do (FTRMX), is complex produced track with many layers, deep bass, and dark synths. Over the uptempo drums, Miguel acts as an overconfident male who thinks he can get every girl who crosses his path.

I know you want it

You know just what I do

The last song, Gravity, is probably my favorite of the three. The drums and electronic synth that immediately come in at the beginning of the song resemble the Ryan Leslie productions that many of us have to come to enjoy and learn from. Accompanied by a bell-like sound, the instrumental of the song makes seem like an early-90s hip-hop track.

As it should, the songs hook, hooked me. With a nice bounce to it, Miguel harmonizes and uses basic melodic elements that make you want to grab a drink, a pretty lady, and throw your hands up in the air.

Miguel acts as a modern day Shakespeare with his song writing ability. Gravity resembles the classic love story of Romeo & Juliet– two people looking to find each other in order to become one:

Two hearts hung amongst the heaven

You and I were destined to collide

I’m open wide and these eyes, fixed upon a vision

You are all I’m missing

Overall, the textures and colors Miguel uses are things we don’t really see in music. The fusion of sounds helps him create a project that is sonic and timeless – two themes that are most important to him.

For more on Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 1, look out for my exclusive interview with Miguel coming very soon!

Updated with interview!

Part 1
Miguel Interview Part 1.mp3
Part 2
Miguel Interview Part 2.mp3

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